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10 reasons Why we at Alonso’s Photo Studio are the number one in Passport & I.D. Pictures

Passport-photos_400x400Passport-photos_400x400 Passport PicturesPassport PicturesPassport Pictures ready in 10 min. 2x2-cutter2x2-cutter We Have the Right Cutter for your Pictures
2X2 Inches, White Background, Ready in 15 Min.
$15.00 per set of two.
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  1. We Use a professional DSLR camera with a prime lens
  2. We use a flash with diffusion (soft light)
  3. Pictures are taken with background flash to make it truly white
    (no shadows)
  4. We know how to use Photoshop to take care of little details
  5. We print on 100% photographic paper
  6. We have the right Passport Cutter approved by the States
  7. We have them ready in 10 minutes or less
  8. We can make any size picture, and we mean any size
  9. We can also do Black and White
  10. We can also e-mail your digital file and no extra cost

Some times people come into our studio complaining about pictures NOT taken right on Pharmacy Stores or other places, where by the way charge less than half what we charge, and I make them this question, Will you buy medicaments from our photo studio? to what they answer NO!! then why you bought Pictures from a Pharmacy?

Other kind of pictures than we offer

*US Passport Pictures (2X2in)
*Citizenship (2X2in)
*Dream Act (2X2in) (DACA)
*Green Card Pictures
*Driver License (blue bkg)
*Mexican Passport
*Mexican ID
*Canadian Passport $25.00
*Standard ID Pictures
*Full Color as well as Black and White
*Most of our Pictures are ready in 15 min.
- Walk-ins are Welcome
- We can go to your place* call for details

Otro tipo de Fotografías que hacemos:

*Pasaporte Americano (2X2pulgadas)
*Fotos para Ciudadanía (2X2pulgadas)
*Dream Act (Accion Diferida) (DACA)
*Pasaporte Mexicano
*Matricula Consular
*Pasaporte Canadiense
*Licencia de Conducir (fondo azul)
*Fotos Regulares para Identificación
*Fotos para Mica (Green card)
*Infantiles de México
*Ovaladas para Diploma
- No necesita hacer cita
- Podemos ir a su lugar, llame para mas detalles